Blessings and Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies and Blessings

Weddings, Civil Unions, Commitment/ Spiritual ceremonies, and Vow Renewals

The Union of two individuals is the celebration of Divine Spirit and Love further manifesting itself into physical form. A manifestation that blesses not only the couple, but humanity as a whole. When two souls find each other in life, there is a powerful ray of light and love that emanates from their love and connection. This ray expands the healing light of compassion and Love, blessing and promoting balance within our collective.

The spirit of love flows through all things at all times, in ceremony this is amplified in ways that awaken the energy of Love for the couple and all those present into higher forms of expression. When a couple chooses to further solidify their intention to honor and grow together, they further enter into sacred moments that magnify their receptivity to love and be love.

Emily is an ordained non-denominational minister and state certified notary. She offers a unique Angelic presence to any ceremony, as she shares from a space of unconditional love.

Emily’s message:

I commit to you that I will honor the uniqueness of your truth in an environment free of judgment, filled with compassion and open to your unique expression. I look forward to co-creating a sacred space for your joyful ceremony.

Because no two couples are the same, no two ceremonies are identical. When you choose to have me as your officiant, minister, or spiritual guide, we meet one-on-one, and I focus on capturing the essence of how you would like to honor your special occasion. Together though communication and intention, we will design a unique ceremony that validates the significance of your special union. As your ceremony's spiritual guide, I will write a Divinely guided and meaningful ceremony script that celebrates your uniqueness and love story.

  • I will learn the stories of how you met and fell in love and the intentions as a couple
  • I will prepare the ceremony in harmony with your choice of music, readings, soloists, and vows.
  • I will meet with you prior to wedding and rehearse with you at your venue
  • I will provide you with a beautiful keepsake of your wedding ceremony

Bringing passion, reverence, and sacredness to my work with you, I design memorable ceremonies—weddings, civil unions, commitment ceremonies, baby welcomings, and vow renewals— that individually reflect and celebrate all the individuals involved. 

To get started, call 727- 487-1044 or email me using my Contact Page for a NO OBLIGATION consultation to discuss your vision of the perfect ceremony.



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