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Angel Readings


ReadingsAngel Healing and Intuitive Coaching services offered are non-denominational healing and coaching methods that involve working with the Divine, an individual’s Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, and other Ascended Lights. These services help heal and harmonize every aspect of life, while encouraging individuals to more clearly receive Divine Guidance, blessings, miracles, and clarity into creating the life wanted with more grace and ease.

We all have a circle of Light that consists of Angels, Loved Ones, Spiritual Guides, and other Ascended Lights. They offer peace, love, comfort, and support for us all. By opening ourselves to hear, feel, see, and experience their Divine messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful, balanced, and in flow. Divine offers a loving guidance and assistance that is consistently around us. All we need to do is ask, receive, and allow. Your Circle of Light are Divine manifestations of  Divine Love. It's through this love that we know we can find peace in knowing that we are being lovingly guided every day; all we have to do is open ourselves to this love.

Angel Readings, Life Design sessions, and Intuitive Coaching are services offered by Emily Rivera. During a reading, she helps you communicate with your Angels, loved ones, guides, your circle of light, and other Divine manifestations that serve your highest good. The guidance, love, and wisdom offered are intended to help you in a variety of ways. At first, personal messages are given directly from these loving presences, followed with guidance for your specific questions. Questions and guidance can pertain to any area of your life. Emily’s goal is to offer clarity from the highest source.

~All sessions include Emily's pre-session meditation time. During this, a personal message is written and offered to you in the beginning of your session. These notes are sent to your email after your appointment.~

All sessions are by phone, FaceTime, ZOOM, or Skype.*

If you would like to explore the different services that are available, or would like more information on how Emily can support you, please email or call 727-487-1044

"Book a Free Alignment Call with me today by clicking below. During this call we will explore what is currently going on and offer clarity into how to best move forward in your life; to create balance, love, healing, abundance, flow, and harmony with all your heart desires. Together we we will explore and identify the best ways I can be of service to you." ~ Emily


Life Design Session

This is a 3 Hour Powerful Angel Intensive geared to get you fully clear, re-aligned, focused, and in the alignment necessary to move forward in creating the Life you desire. It includes a week of Voxer support and a personalized PDF Booklet for progress continuation designed from our time together.

Intuitive Angel Session

Back by popular demand!
If you are looking for guidance on a specific question or situation. Emily offers 15, 30, and 60 min Angel Readings. To book a session click below.


Intuitive Coaching 

Emily’s coaching programs have helped thousands of individuals create unprecedented opportunities for growth, healing, and alignment and connect to work they love to do and a life they love to live.

This program is for individuals that are ready to step into their soul’s potential and a more purposeful way of living. Emily helps you translate your vision and soul’s intentions into a tangible, easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan. The coaching series provides tools, exercises, support, and guidance to help you live your life to its highest potential.

This is your next step to aligning to your goals and vision and unlocking your souls purpose, while making a contribution to the world! 

Intuitive Soul Coaching Program: This program empowers you to align to specific goals and intentions, while awakening your intuitive abilities and soul awareness. In this coaching series you will dive into a proven process that helps clear and align the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the self to their highest states in order to achieve specific intentions, while restoring a sense of wellbeing. A core facet of the program will include elevating intuitive awareness and honing your forms of receptivity.

By the end of this coaching series you will…

  • Find clear direction and make measurable progress toward your specific goals
  • Have clarity regarding who you are and what your purpose truly is
  • Have cleared old and stagnant energies within your mental, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies
  • Master the gift and power of Divine Magic/Manifestation
  • Learn how to more easily connect to guidance, which will keep you moving forward and on purpose
  • And much more…

    You will receive:

  • A PDF file of your own Angel Coaching Booklet
  • New booklet pages added weekly. Each set offers you daily exercises, prayers, affirmations, and a journal section to empower and encourage your progress through the series. (For private clients this packet is uniquely created for you and your personal needs.)
  • A powerful and elevating, weekly or by weekly zoom call with Emily to share and guide you through the week’s intentions, Divine guidance, healings, and manifestations. These are experiential calls, so you will experience the Divine in ways that are unique to you. Together we will realign you mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically. Create clear and progressive intentions that will offer you results, and explore and align any resistance that is showing up which may be preventing you from moving forward or from creating the life you want. Also includes voxer support to address questions and concerns in between meetings.

Each call will help you successfully experience and maintain progress through the series and beyond. Below are some of the concepts we will explore together:

  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Relationships—Past, Present, Future
  • Energetic and Spiritual
  • Intuition Activation
  • Physical balance and wellbeing
  • Forecasting into your future potentials and how to change or elevate momentum
  • Creation and Manifestation
  • Telepathy
  • Healing
  • Seeing, Feeling, Hearing, and experiencing the Divine and Your Circle of Light
  • Whole Self and Maintaining the Alignment



Payment is required in full at time of scheduling any appointment. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received.

*In person sessions can be accommodated for an extra fee of $50. Any location beyond the 20 mile radius from Boca Raton, Florida will include a $1.25/ mile.
Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

RESCHEDULING: Advance notice is required for rescheduling appointments. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please provide a week notice. You will be offered the next available appointment. There are NO refunds for missed appointments. CANCELLING: There is a cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment fee, should you cancel a confirmed appointment. There are NO refunds for missed appointments.   



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