Mommies & Mommies-to-Be

Mommies & Mommies-to-Be

The Mommies and Me Series

First, I would like to begin by congratulating you on your bundle of joy. This is one of the most powerful experiences any woman can enter into. During this time you are a reflection of Divine Creation. A soul has chosen to commune with your wonderful presence in order to be part of this magical experience we call life. Know that there are no accidents. The soul expressing itself through your physical body knows you are the best vehicle for his/her development. Your light at this time is radiating an essential signal to all creation. It is hard to articulate and even give form in a way that can help our mind conceive the magnificence of this sacred time.

I am excited to be sharing, with Mommies to Be, the tools, meditations and exercises that have been Divinely given to me, personally, during my pregnancies and through private sessions. The Mommy and Me Series has been crafted in a way that powerfully guides you through the stages of pregnancy. Content is intended to offer support through written form, received weekly, and videos that guide you through specific processes. This series will assist with connecting, communicating and sharing further with your baby.

In so many ways we are more than our physical bodies. During our experience of pregnancy, the veils of connection and communication are thinned, making our engagement with our developing child and his/her soul more accessible.

Through this series, you will be activating the potentials that are part of this special time of creation.

The Mommies and Me Series OUTLINE

First Trimester 

  • Welcoming the soul
  • Inviting the beauty and light further into your life and family
  • Your baby's song
  • Sharing your message
  • Beginning your communication

Second Trimester 

  • Becoming one with love
  • Name that reflects his/her truth
  • Connecting to your babies heartbeat and rhythm
  • Seeing and experiencing his/her light
  • Inviting the gift of manifestation

Third Trimester 

  • Meeting your baby
  • Inviting clarity to his/her purpose
  • Preparation into serving his/her highest good
  • Engaging Mother Earth’s energy, vibrancy, harmony and bliss
  • Bridging the gap into ease

What you will receive:

  • Weekly emails with a message, affirmative prayer and exercises
  • Weekly video and audio meditations
  • Tools that will assist you in moving through “challenges”, fears and expectations

Yes, please sign me up for this powerful series guided by Love!

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