Children’s Corner

The Children's Corner

The Children’s Corner has been created for all children and their parents with the intention to help promote communication, connection, understanding, and the expression of love.

We are all able to connect into our own intuitive awareness. Many of our children, are coming into this life with heightened attributes that are of a higher state awareness. The veil into that which they have come from is less obscured and influenced by our worldly reality. Their intuitive sense and receptivity has them connected to Divine truth that most adults are working in remembering. They remain connected and are more in-tuned with their environment, other people, our collective purpose, and their own sense of self. The elements that have influenced us as a collective are not as influential as it has been for humanity in the past. This in no way means that these children are better than those that preceded, but they are hear to be part of a mass shift in consciousness that will be part of a new millennium.

Because of this and more, a time has come for all parents to become available into using their own higher intuitive awareness to better support and nurture these thriving souls. It is a significant time for us all to embark into new beginnings that encourage us to be guided by the heart of the soul and not the fears of the mind. A new paradigm has been emerging and we are at a pivotal time of our humanity. With this we will be a witness to many changes and with these changes we as parents will be able to better guide our children into progress though harmony if we choose to personally honor our own soul’s clarity and guidance through there process.

The intention for the Children’s Corner is to help parents and care takers by providing tools and meditations that children can use to nurture the process and inspire them along the way.

All that is provided in this area, is brought to you from a place of high intention and love. The process of connection involves prayer and meditation, and from that place and space Emily calls forth the tools, messages, and meditations that will be of service in the area being explored.

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