Blessed Opals

100% Natural & Ethically Sourced from Australia


Finding your Opal is like finding a soulmate. The connection goes beyond form, awakening the truth within yourself.

Our Story

On March 18, 2016, I was taken into a journey, guided by my Angels and other Ascended lights. In the experience I was shown different aspects of my current life and the blessings contained and expanding within each of them.

Within this journey of Light, they led me to a large set of radiant blue and colorful crystals/ stones. They shared their significance not only for myself, but for all of us in regards to the energies we are moving into collectively. They gave me two words to help my mind conceptualize where to begin my search, Australian and Boulder. In the days to come the visions and lights connected to these stones amplified and exponentially brought themselves into a place where my conscious mind could fully understand.

The stone, Australian Boulder Opals, were the stones being given to me. They were to be gifts for us to use and share to help anchor the movement of lights and changes impacting us all, while simultaneously actualizing rapid acceleration into understanding our true worth.

Through this magical and seamless experience, Blessed Opals was birth. In honoring the guidance offered by the Angelic realm and the Ascended Lights, I bring to you the Opals that have been guided my way. Each emanating their unique strands of light and qualities. Each pictured Opal includes the words given to me as I posted them on the site. More messages and guidance will be offered to the individuals that feel guided to purchase them. With the Opal you will receive a case to store your Opal in when not in use, along with a unique and special message for you from the Divine lights that brought you to the stone and the Opals themselves. I meditate with each of the stones to further program and encode the energies and properties that are being inspired by the Ascended Lights. Each stone is uniquely programed with the energies that will support you personally.

Why Now?

As shared above we each are witnessing the movement of lights and the energy of transition. Through it all we are being supported and lovingly guided. As this continues to unfold the need to know and understand our worth is essential in promoting grace and ease through it all. Within that understanding we better align to the potentials that are being encouraged within our unique paths and purpose. The letting go of false concepts of ourselves is rapidly moving in waves. This is  bringing up to the surface and into our conscious mind the dispersing concepts, ideals, and beliefs that no longer can, nor will be able to resonate with the levels of understanding that we will be coming to witness collectively. The Blessed Opals are being brought to you as vehicles of light and unconditional love. Each piece a Gift from the realms of light to help support your letting go, expansion, connection, and knowing into your true self.

I hope you join me today and everyday, in this journey of Love and Expansion.


meditateMEDITATION TOOLS: Encoded with the programming that will support the quieting and expanding of your mind within this physical body. Offering the gift of the now as it anchors the truth of your light and soul.


Helping you see into the higher versions of yourself, which in turn anchors you into the space of confidence and clarity. Each Opal is accompanied with it's own message and vision for you.


mastersBLESSED: All Opals programmed by the Divine energies that supported it's coming into being, and the energies that are working with you. These include Angels, Masters, Ascended lights, Loved Ones, and LOVE itself.

intentionMIRACLES & AMPLIFICATION OF INTENTIONS:  Each blessed to amplify the intentions called forth by it's unique energy, further aligning you to Miracles of Love, healing, and expansion.


energyATTUNED & PROGRAMED: Amplifying your vibration! Powerfully and gently providing support as you step into confidence, healing, authentic self love, and Divine alignment.



Blessed Opals are intricate tools of light that have components of TRUTH, LOVE, and DIVINE recognition. They exponentially awaken a remembrance into who and what you are.

Why Blessed Opals?

  • Powerful tools Divinely Inspired through visions and palpable experiences with Ascended Lights
  • Unique and rare Australian Opals
  • Collectively and as individuals we are being called forth into levels of expansion unlike ever before, that require us to fully embrace the perfection within our experience and within ourselves. These Opals are serving and supporting this intention.
  • Each Opal is unique in appearance and attuned to resonate with the individual that is called to them- their soulmate.
  • Each Opal comes with a Divinely guided message for its soulmate (you).
  • No need to ever clear energy from it, reprogram, or re-atune. It has been Divinely customed for you and to support you through all your phases.

AVAILABLE OPALSPolished black opal isolated on white.CLICK HERE